A Boy Named Charlie Brown DVD
A Boy Named Charlie Brown

The story of A Boy Named Charlie Brown began in 1963 when I formed my own production company with fellow Stanford graduate Sheldon Fay, Jr. While looking for ideas for our first project, I happened to be reading a book by sports journalist Charlie Einstein about baseball great Willie Mays. I called Charlie to see if Willie and he might be interested in creating a documentary. To my amazement, they both agreed. . .and to my further amazement, NBC bought the show. Although A Man Named Mays aired against the year’s blockbuster television program, Elizabeth Taylor in London, we did surprisingly well in the ratings.

For our next project, it occurred to me that since we had just profiled the world’s greatest baseball player, why not profile the world’s worst baseball player - Charlie Brown - and his creator, Charles Schulz.

Excerpt from Introductory Essay by Producer Lee Mendelson
Willie Mays and Charlie Brown

Approximate runtime 26 minutes

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