Schulz's Youth hard cover
By Charles M. Schulz
Foreword by Jerry Scott

Charles Schulz, who in 1950 brought his view of children to the world with Peanuts, followed it up in 1955 with his view of teenagers. In a series of single-panel gags in Youth magazine, Schulz explored the teen view of dating, religion, clubs, parents, sports, and more. This collection presents hundreds of these cartoons, showing off the insightful humor that has made Schulz the world's most beloved cartoonist. In addition, this book includes dozens of cartoons about pre-schoolers that Schulz created for the book Two-by-Fours. With cartoons that have never before been collected and others that have been out of print for decades, this collection should delight Schulz fans young and old alike!

Hardcover. 296 pages. 6.25" x 6.25".

Item #001327

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