Linus' Nature Journal
Unseen in some newspapers, the Sunday title panel was an opportunity for Charles Schulz to play around, sometimes to show off, or to reward the observant.These drawings often set up the story unfolding in the next two rows of comic panels, but was drawn in such a way that newspapers could print the Sunday strip without the title panel, substituting a printed title instead. Sometimes these drawn panels were visual haikus telling the story of the whole Sunday strip in miniature. All of them are treasures.
- Benjamin Clark, Curator, Charles M. Schulz Museum

This beautiful Schulz drawing is the title panel of a strip originally published on Nov. 11, 1962. It is imprinted in silver metallic ink on the cover of our 5.5" by 8.5" journal. 70 pages of blank, acid-free paper. Soft cover, perfect bound.
An Art From the Strip product sold exclusively at the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Each journal comes with a small reprint of the original comic strip it appears in.


Item #002751

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