Question: How do you pay someone on Gumtree?

When youve agreed to the sale, the seller will request the payment in the Gumtree app. You can then review the payment request information in the Gumtree app and choose your preferred payment method. Once youve confirmed the payment, the money will appear in the sellers PayPal account.

To link your PayPal and Gumtree accounts:Log in to your Gumtree account and click My Gumtree.From the drop down menu, select Profile.Scroll down to Link with PayPal and follow the instructions.

How do you buy something on Gumtree?

Find out what the item is worth. Before you decide to buy something on Gumtree, think about doing some research to find out how much the item costs elsewhere and in a new condition. Do your research. Keep your information safe. Meet the seller in person. Choose your payment method carefully.30 Mar 2021

Is it safe to give someone bank details to transfer money?

Despite your account number being generally considered as safe to give out, you shouldnt give out any digits without feeling 100 percent safe. Theres no need to stress over giving your account number to any legitimate billers, employers, HMRC or any of your friends and family.

How does Gumtree delivery and payment work?

Gumtree does not offer shipping services. You can agree to ship the items you sold to the buyer, instead of meeting them in person, and arrange the delivery through our platform. We recommend sellers to receive the payment before booking the shipping services.

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