Question: How do I unlock my Vonage adapter?

How do I connect my Vonage adapter?

Unplug the power supply for your router or router/modem. Connect the blue Ethernet cable to the INTERNET port on the back of the Vonage HT701 adapter. Connect the other end to an open Ethernet (LAN) port on the back of your router or router/modem combination. Plug your router or router/modem back in to a power source.

What is Vonage phone adapter?

The Vonage Box phone adapter connects to your existing broadband internet connection to provide you with Vonage telephone service for up to two phone numbers or a phone number and fax number.

How do I activate Vonage calls?

You must have a data connection to receive a call. If a call is not answered, it goes to Voicemail for your Vonage home phone. On iPhone, tap Accept. On Android, tap Green button or phone icon .To turn on:Tap Settings (on iPhone).Tap Notification Center (or Notifications).Find Vonage Extensions and turn on.5 Oct 2020

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