Question: How do I make friends in Germany?

Are Germans hard to make friends with?

According to the surveys results, 44 percent of expats in Germany find it difficult to make new friends, compared to 33 percent globally. Even more tellingly, 51 percent said that they find it difficult to make friends with locals, compared to 38 percent globally.

How do I make German friends online?

12 Great Ways to Find a Partner for German Language Exchangeitalki. German teachers available: 200+ Couchsurfing. Members: 2 million+ My Language Exchange. Native German speaking members: 1,090.The Mixxer. Members who speak German: ca. Polyglot Club. Members who teach German: ca. Tandem Partners. SprachDuo.More items

Can we be friends in Germany?

You might have heard of the stereotype that Germans are cold and unwelcoming. However, I have found that Germans are quite kind, and maybe even easier to befriend than Danes. There are a significant number open to having foreign friends that dont speak German and can be happy to practice their English.

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