Question: Why do Darya is called Do Darya?

THERE was a time not so long ago when people had to wait for hours for a table at a Do Darya restaurant. There was the ocean on either side of Bundal Island, which gave the place its name — Do Darya, or the place where two rivers meet.

Do Darya meaning?

So Do Darya means Two Seas in Farsi.

Do Darya in Urdu?

There is an other version , “ The word Darya has the same meaning in Persian (Farsi) language as Samandar in Urdu. So Do Darya means Two Seas in Persian., because there is sea on two sides of this location”.

Is Darya famous for?

Popular Menu Offerings of Sajjad Restaurant, Do Darya The restaurant is famous for its Crispy Fish, Combo Steak, Chicken Tandoori Sajji, Chicken Basket, Chicken Chow Mein, Chicken Jalfrezi, Mutton Ribs, Chullu Kabab, Chicken Malai Tikka and Dhagga Kabab, which is a relatively new offering.

Is there entry fee for Darya?

Adults charges are Rs. 1050 per head and Kids are Rs. 650 per head (all rates are including taxes). Address: Do Darya, Beach Avenue, Phase VIII, DHA Karachi.

Do Darya restaurants closing?

Three restaurants at Karachis Do Darya were sealed on Saturday night for violating the governments coronavirus SOPs. The three restaurants did not close on time. The restaurants are Kababjees, Al Habib Restaurant and Sajjad Restaurant.

Is Darya Karachi closing?

KARACHI: Three restaurants located at the Do Darya were closed by the DHA on Tuesday as the administration gears up to shut down the food street. The total number of restaurants located at Do Darya are 17 out of which three have been shut down by DHA. Restaurant-goers were not happy over the decision taken by DHA.

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