Question: Which is the best Enneagram type?

What was Jesuss Enneagram?

Eights on the Enneagram scale are Challengers — thats because they push back against most things they hear. Theyre strong personalities who dont back down. Jesus had his own tendency to challenge the status quo and shake things up. Challengers are determined, committed, and powerful.

What does an unhealthy Enneagram 5 look like?

Signs of an Unhealthy Five: Provocative and antagonizing. Reclusive and greedy of their time and energy. Physically neglectful of themselves. Hostile towards help or any intrusions on their space.

What Enneagram is Bill Gates?

Type Five Bill Gatess Personality Type - Enneagram, 16-Personality (based on types by Jung, Myers, & Briggs), and DISC. Bill tends to be objective and direct, favoring straightforward facts over ambiguous emotions. As a Type Five, Bill tends to be curious, independent, and observant.

Did Jesus have a personality type?

If the conclusions Ive drawn are correct, Jesus had preferences for INFJ or perhaps INTJ, INFP or INTP. Regardless of who we think Jesus is, he did live as a man with human personality preferences. As such, he makes an interesting study for those of us who are fascinated by personality type.

What do Enneagram 2s want?

Twos are most interested in what they feel to be the “really, really good” things in life—love, closeness, sharing, family, and friendship. Louise is a minister who shares the joy she finds in being a Two.

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