Question: Can you connect two faucet supply lines?

The easiest way to connect faucet water supply lines together is by using a compression fitting. Measure your line diameters carefully and purchase the same size compression fitting to join them. Push-in fittings, though, may also be used, although they are not necessary with copper tubes.

Can you extend a water supply line?

You can buy supply hoses in lengths up to 96 inches, which you can attach to your existing hoses with 3/4-inch hose thread connectors. Lengthening the drain hose isnt difficult, because you can buy a drain hose extension that simply clamps onto the end of your existing hose.

Are all faucet supply lines the same?

There are three standard sizes, and the connectors on the faucet and shutoff valve are often different, so you need a hose that matches at both ends.

Can you bend faucet supply lines?

Measure the distance between the water supplies under the sink and then gently bend the soft-copper supply tubes until theyre about the same distance apart as the water supply. They dont have to be exact, just close. You dont need to be forceful with copper. Copper is very fragile and kinks relatively easily.

Do you use Teflon tape on faucet supply lines?

You dont need to connect the faucets to the water supply lines if they have hot and cold lines. Teflon tape can be used to seal and lubricate threaded pipe joints.

How do I extend my copper supply line?

0:005:47The Old plumber shows how to join copper pipe without soldering.YouTube

What type of pipe is used for underground water lines?

Although there are many options for underground water pipes, HDPE pipes and PEX pipes are generally the best choices for an underground water line. These durable pipes are resistant to corrosion and rusting, ideal for running an underground water line.

How long should a faucet supply line be?

This type of supply line comes from the manufacturer in standard lengths: typically 12, 16, 20 and 30 inches. Supply line extensions come with one 3/8-inch female and male end. Connect the extensions male end to the short faucet supply lines 3/8-inch female fitting.

How often should you change braided supply lines?

Water, water everywhere is NOT a good thing when a water line fails. So, the “when to replace it” answer is every 5 years.

How long should the toilet supply line be?

Typically they are 3/8” in diameter, but toilet supply line size can vary in length, usually anywhere from 9” to 20”.

Why does my new supply line leak?

If there is a leak coming from a supply line connection to the faucet, or from the hot and cold water on and off valves, it is probably related to a broken seal. The water needs to be shut off, but once you disassemble everything, you can check the rubber O-rings that sit within the female end of all connectors.

How do you connect copper pipe to PEX?

0:091:41Connecting PEX Tubing to Copper Pipe - YouTubeYouTube

How can I extend my copper pipe without soldering?

0:001:03Connect Copper Pipe Without Solder - YouTubeYouTube

Can I use PEX for underground water line?

Some plumbing contractors may be surprised to know that PEX is approved for use in underground as well as in-slab applications. Installing PEX pipe in the slab or underground can help reduce costs because there are no hangers required and less ladder time for installers (adding to installation efficiencies).

What type of PEX is best for underground?

PEX-B is the first choice for burying due to its higher bursting pressure and reduced issues with leached chemicals. Some individuals are wary of using any type of PEX tubing outdoors because it degrades under UV light.

What size is a faucet supply line?

The main pipes, which come off the main water supply, typically measure 3/4 inches in diameter. The branch lines, which feed individual fixtures, typically measure 1/2 inch in diameter.

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