Question: Do Libra miss their ex?

Libras love being in love. But dont think for one second that Libras dont care about their exes. In fact, out of all the signs in the zodiac, Libra is the one most likely to regret breaking up with a partner. The scales represent them, so theyre notoriously indecisive.

How do Libras deal with breakups?

Libras deal with heartbreak the way they deal with most things: loudly. They admire those that take the high road, but its just not their vibe. If they held back anything during the relationships, the floodgates may open now.

Do Libras hide their feelings?

Libra. These folks are really the sweetest! The reason they hide their feelings is because they dont want to burden the other person with their emotions. They seem cool, and often emotionless but often theres a storm of feelings inside.

Can Libras keep secrets?

Libra (September 23 to October 22) For Librans, keeping a secret to themselves depends on the seriousness of it. If the secret can cause pain to someone, Librans will stay quiet. But if its no big deal, then they would probably spill the beans.

How do you know if a Libra misses you?

If a Libra man misses you: Libra is a very social person and he cant stand being alone, so he probably misses you even more than you miss him. The great thing about a Libra man is that he values honesty, truth, and fairness. This means that if he misses you, hes going to be straightforward and tell you.

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