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The 14 Best Fleshlights in 2021: The Best Feeling Sleeves and Most Realistic Textures

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Tricks fleshlight Still Don't

Tricks fleshlight Fleshlight Tips/Techniques

Tricks fleshlight Still Don't

10 Best Ways How To Use A Fleshlight & Get Most Out Of It

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How To Use A Fleshlight: 11 Classic and Innovative Ways

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Fleshlight Tips/Techniques

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Spice it Up with These New Ways to Use Your Fleshlight

Step 3: Give And Take, Bluetooth Style Water based lube is a necessity for both toys to work their best.

  • Where the silicone is very elastic it is possible to stretch the Fleshlight all the way over your scrotum for a particularly thorough stimulation.

  • This ensures the sleeve will stay stable no matter how much enthusiastic thrusting it may encounter.

  • Once you are ready, insert your penis into the Fleshlight sleeve like normal.

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