Question: Are Maura and Giovanni together?

Maura and Giovanni confirmed their romance earlier this year, taking to Instagram after weeks of speculation about their relationship. In July, both stars sent fans wild by sharing separate photos kissing to their respective Instagrams to announce their love to the world. Both sweet posts were captioned: “Im yours.”

Is Giovanni dating Maura Higgins?

The TV couple started dating earlier this year Since going Instagram official, Maura Higgins and Giovanni Pernice have been offering fans a small glimpse inside their romance. However, on Sunday, the hot new couple shared several photos and videos from their romantic staycation at the Shangri-La hotel in The Shard.

Is Maura with Giovanni?

Fans have been left shocked to learn that Love Islands Maura Higgins and Strictly Come Dancing pro Giovanni Pernice are dating. On Friday (9 July), Pernice and Higgins confirmed their relationship by sharing separate photos kissing to their respective Instagrams. Both posts were captioned: “Im yours.”

Who is Maura boyfriend?

Giovanni Pernice Maura Higgins goes Instagram official with new Strictly boyfriend Giovanni Pernice.

Who has Giovanni danced with?

In 2018 Giovanni partnered up with Steps singer Faye Tozer and made it to the Grand Final - again! A year later, he took his celeb partner Michelle Visage to Blackpool, where their Strictly journey finished. Could there be another Final in store for Gio in 2020? Watch this space!

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