Question: Who has Penny slept with?

Who did Penny sleep with?

Raj For example, when Penny tells the guys in the season 4 finale that her sleeping with Raj is not what it looks like, he spends the rest of the morning trying to figure out what she meant.

Did Sheldon sleep with Penny?

The Work Song Nanocluster, where Sheldon helps Penny set up a business selling Penny Blossoms. The Vegas Renormalization, where Sheldon sleeps in Pennys bed after he gets locked out of his apartment.

How many people have Penny slept with?

She is very outgoing and assertive, and has many sexual relationships over the course of the series. She often dates, and in one way or another all the men have gone to her for dating advice. In the fourth season opener, Sheldon estimates that Penny has dated 193 men, and had sex with 31 of them.

Did Penny sleep with Stuart?

A couple of episodes later in The Big Bang Theory season 2, episode 22 titled The Classified Materials Turbulence, its revealed that Stuart has scored another date with Penny, giving the impression that she might actually be into him, but thats not exactly the case.

What is the IQ of Penny?

As far as IQ levels are concerned, Penny scores a low 97. Scoring below a 100 puts a person in the lower percentile in the world in intelligence levels, and Penny falling under this pretty much handed Sheldon a loaded gun.

What was Amys IQ?

Sheldon was a child prodigy, but Amy was a genius, too Sheldon was said to have an IQ of 187. For reference, Albert Einstein was believed to have an IQ of 160, according to Live Science. So did Stephen Hawking.

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