Question: What are the most significant factors to be considered in dating and mate selection?

The results showed that the most important factors in mate selection among participants were religion, mental health, profession, physical attractiveness, and financial status, which were closely followed by intelligence, sociability, physical health, refinement and neatness, physical appearance, education, character,

What two major social factors play into the mate selection process?

Mate selection in the social world is an interesting area of study among social scientists and sociologists. Mate selection is embedded with factors such as social background, race, colour, status, political ideology, traditions and customs, religious rules, and other aspects.

What are the points to consider in choosing a mate?

5 Factors to Evaluate Before Choosing a Life PartnerFamily history. Here were concerned with how connected a potential partner is to their family members and the quality of these relationships. Past relationships. Handling anger. Generosity. A full life.May 27, 2017

What to consider before choosing a wife?

Take a look at how he or she treats them, count on that before your relationship becomes stronger. Other things that one should consider before choosing a spouse are; honesty, sincerity, generosity, tolerance, understanding, his love for other people and his maturity. These things cannot be overlooked.

What are four manifestations of intrasexual selection?

Intrasexual selection tends to lead to weaponry, armor, fighting ability, and threat displays. Examples include large body size in iguanas, infanticide in lions, antlers in deer, and so on.

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