Question: What happened to Jack FM Richmond VA?

After nearly two weeks of stunting as “Short Attention Span Radio“, SummitMedias 100.9 WJSR Lakeside/Richmond VA has gone into a second stunt format as the station moved to Christmas music as “Santa 100.9” this afternoon. WJSR had debuted the now former “Jack-FM” format in October 2018.

What station is Jack FM in Richmond?

Awesome 100.9 WJSR is a broadcast radio station licensed to Lakeside, Virginia, serving Richmond and Petersburg in Virginia .WJSR.Broadcast areaRichmond, Virginia Petersburg, VirginiaFrequency100.9 MHzBrandingAwesome 100.9SloganTotally 80s & MoreProgramming20 more rows

Where is Jack FM moving to?

Kalamazoo Midwest Communications is giving the “Jack-FM” Variety Hits brand an upgrade in Kalamazoo. The format of “96.5 Jack-FM” WZOX Portage moved to 106.5 WVFM Kalamazoo replacing AC “FM 106.5” overnight.

Who is the voice behind Jack FM?

Paul Darrow Who is that debonair, sexy, sarcastic voice between the songs and why does he seem familiar? His name is Paul Darrow. Hes better known as Avon from Blakes 7.

What did Jack FM used to be?

One of the early originators of the Jack FM format was radio programmer Bob Perry, on a United States-based Internet radio stream in 2000. Perry named the station after a fictitious persona, Cadillac Jack Garrett, a hard-living radio cowboy.

What happened to Jack FM Greenville?

On December 27, 2017, the station relaunched under the Jack FM brand, with no change in format. On June 1,st 2021, W258CB changed its format from Adult Hits to Classic Hits and Branded as Awesome 99.5.

Does Jack FM have DJs?

The audience has been telling us that they want no DJs on Jack. They want more music. When it first launched, 92.5 Jack FM operated without disc jockeys in an effort to establish the Playing What We Want concept which was new to Toronto. DJs were introduced within weeks.

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