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This might explain why the story insists on taking place around 1990 even though the technology employed by the characters throughout is almost distractingly anachronistic.

  • It is pretty too in patterned paper.

  • Devane, eclipsing the memory of Robert in the mind of the character and the audience.

  • Elsa then revealed to Anna that she had awoke the spirits of the Enchanted Forest.

Anna movie review & film summary (2019)

Carlson has been an extra in a couple of films.

  • Articles about her Frozen resemblance have been remembered for Playboy.

  • Like all higher ranking angels, Anna retained all of her powers even when cut-off from Heaven as seen with her ability to after time traveling.

  • At her suggestion that Castiel become her ally, he pulled away from her and told her to leave, which she reluctantly did.