Question: Is the tap water in New Orleans safe to drink?

Orleans Parish drinking water is SAFE; it is treated, tested & monitored regularly. While lead service-lines exist, water is treated with a National Sanitation Foundation-certified additive that helps prevent lead from getting into the water.

What is in New Orleans tap water?

In New Orleans, drinking water is purified from the Mississippi River through seven steps. 1, Water is pumped from the Mississippi River to the Carrollton Water Purification Plant. Coagulation chemicals are added to the water to make fine particles and solids in the water clump together.

How contaminated is New Orleans water?

It combined the results of 30 different types of PFAS in each tap water sample and measured 41.8 parts per trillion in New Orleans, eighth highest of the 44 tested. Only nine of the 44 had previously reported detectable levels of PFAS to the EPA or state authorities, the Environmental Working Group said.

Is New Orleans water hard?

Yes, New Orleans tap water is considered hard water. Hard water is caused primarily by two harmless minerals — calcium and magnesium.

Can I drink Baton Rouge tap water?

Baton Rouge is fortunate to have water that is pure and clean. The water we use has been naturally purified and filtered through the earths rock and sand formations. Chlorination of the water in the ratio of 1.4 parts per million assures that our water remains safe to drink.

Is Baton Rouge water soft or hard?

Water in Baton Rouge does not need to go through a filtration process. It is naturally pure, but water companies still treat the water with chlorine, Owen said. There are 86 wells located in Baton Rouge that supply the citys soft water.

Is there fluoride in New Orleans water?

New Orleans water fluoridation began in June of 1974, and since that time (with a two-year hiatus after Hurricane Katrina) “a small dose of fluorosilicic acid …which adds fluoride to the drinking water to aid in the prevention of dental cavities” is added to New Orleans water, according to the Sewerage and Water

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