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With the sideburns and a Hugh Jackman? Tenga the Kushi, which resembles a seashell, and the Yoru, which is reminiscent of a whale.

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  • Furries and their gazillion subcategories are among the most notorious fetishists to emerge online and break into the world.

  • Dude's already so ashamed of his association with the movies, he's started to overcompensate by looking like Wolverine.

Bad, Bad Dragon

So Flint comes in 5 different sizes, starting from mini-extra large.

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  • Who knew that dental hygiene, orgasms, and inclusivity could all be united in a single product? Look for a tapered toy thats thicker than Glyph which is what around 3.

  • Turtlehead Polaroid OneStep Closeup Taken with no flash Px 68o Color Shade First Flush Normally when I take Polaroid pictures, I tape the box the film comes in to the mouth of the camera so the film is shot straight into the light-safe box.