Question: Is there a phone number for plenty of fish?

Does POF have live call?

Its simple! Tap the “Live!” icon on the Plenty of Fish dashboard in the app. Once youre on the Live! home page, tap “GO LIVE!” to start streaming.

Do you need phone number for plenty of fish?

If you need to contact POF, we recommend you contact us at Please do not call phone numbers found in a Google search - we do not provide general support over the phone, and support phone numbers found in a Google search do not belong to POF.

How do I complain to POF?

While the company doesnt have a phone number or a live online chat, feel free to email them at If youre a business or publication trying to reach the POF public relations department, send an email to instead.

How do I cancel my POF subscription?

On the left, click My subscriptions. Select the subscription you want to cancel. Click Manage and then Cancel Subscription.

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