Question: Is RSVP free to message?

Its free to reply to messages and chats that another member has sent you. If someone has spent a Stamp to contact you, make sure you reply – Its nice to be polite.

Do you pay for RSVP?

How much does RSVP cost? RSVP has four types of membership: Basic: If you sign up for free, you can view full profiles, upload up to 15 photos, receive a personality report, set criteria for matches and send and accept virtual winks, which are expressions of interest.

How do you chat on RSVP?

You can open a Chat window with any member that is online by: - Selecting Chat from the Whos online icon in the main navigation: - Click on Chat: Note: when you receive a message from another member who is online (other than a Wink message), it will appear in a chat window on your screen.

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