Question: What should I do if Im planning to marry my affair partner?

Can affair partners marry?

For couples who began a relationship through an affair, and later marry, the statistics arent positive. According to the studies that have been done, over 75% of those marriages will end in divorce after five years. I have counselled such couples that have gone on to have very happy, successful marriages.

Can an affair lead to a happy marriage?

Its possible to save your marriage after an affair. In fact, the majority of married couples will stay together after an affair. Fewer than 25% of married men and women will leave their marriage for a partner they met while having an affair. So, a married woman or man is not likely to leave their marriage for a lover.

Do relationships with affair partners work?

Relationships from affairs, based on studies and observations, arent very likely to last a long time. In fact, if a relationship between two people who met through an affair started, it was highly likely that the relationship didnt work out for long.

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