Question: What should you not say in a love letter?

Is it bad to write a love letter?

Is it okay to write a love letter? It is very much so okay to write a love letter, and it can, in fact, be wildly romantic to give a partner a handwritten letter. That said, it is imperative to make sure that the love letter you write is appropriate for the connection you have with someone.

What is a hot letter?

Spin the wheel now. WHENEVER Abraham Lincoln felt the urge to tell someone off, he would compose a hot letter. He would pile all of his anger into a note, put it aside until his emotions cooled down, and then write: Never sent.

Why didnt Lincoln send that letter when he was angry?

Hours later or the next day, he would look at the letter again so he could attend to the matter with a clearer eye. More often than not, he didnt send the letter. We know this was Lincolns tactic because years after his death historians discovered a trove of letters with the notation: never sent and never signed.

Why do people write angry letters?

Among public figures who need to think twice about their choice of words, the unsent angry letter has a venerable tradition. Its purpose is twofold. It serves as a type of emotional catharsis, a way to let it all out without the repercussions of true engagement.

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