Question: Is kissing legal in Germany?

In Germany you will probably see couples holding hands or kissing openly on the streets. Do not feel uncomfortable or angry about this as it is considered normal. Holding hands is an expression of love and affection; good friends will usually not walk side by side holding hands.

Public displays of affection in Germany The Knigge Society called for it to be banned in the workplace, citing that a social distance zone of 23 centimeters should always be observed! Youll see couples holding hands or hugging or with their arms around each other.

What country is PDA illegal?

The Middle East and India are two parts of the world where youll encounter the strictest public display of affection laws. Kissing in public is illegal in Dubai, and couples have been arrested for excessive PDA in Egypt.

Is it rude to point in Germany?

This is considered a rude gesture. Dont point your index finger to your own head. This is an insult.

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