Question: Should I put my job on my dating profile?

Should I put occupation on tinder?

Adding your job to your profile is a great way to provide additional insight for potential matches, it writes.

What should I put for a job on tinder?

Best jobs for a match on TinderPilot.Founder/Entrepreneur.Firefighter.Doctor.TV/Radio Personality.Teacher.Engineer.Model.More items

Which profession gets the most right swipes?

According to dating app Tinder, pilots received the most “right swipes”—the Tinder equivalent of expressing interest in someone—among their male users. For women, the top job was physical therapist, not surprisingly.

Which profession get the most right swipes?

In the US, the most right-swiped job for women is registered nurse, whereas for men its interior designer - which ranks in second place in the UK list. There are some crossovers between both lists, with cabin crew, teacher and bartender featuring in both the UK and US lists for women.

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