Question: Does eHarmony have free trial?

The eHarmony free trial is ACTUALLY free. Theres nothing that you need to cancel or remember to take care of or anything like that. It is completely 100% free. The site does a great job of being very clear with what they are offering and what they are not. You will not be tricked into spending any money ever.

How do I get an eHarmony free trial?

The eHarmony Free Trial HackSet up your account for free.Complete your eHarmony profile, including the personality test.Sign up for a plan.Give the site a test drive, and if you dont like it, close your account within 3 days for a full refund.

Does eHarmony have free weekends?

The answer is that the only people who know are the staff at eHarmony. 3-Day Weekends – eHarmony is notorious for holding these free communication events on 3-day weekends. Whats great about that for us is that it also generally means we get an extra day to start communicating with other singles on the site.

Can you message on Eharmony without paying?

You dont need an eharmony discount code to get free messages and icebreakers in your inbox — such privileges are simply part of a free eharmony account now. With a free account, you can read all your messages and respond to some potential matches without a paid membership or an eharmony free communication weekend.

How do I not pay for eharmony?

How to cancel eHarmony subscription manuallyLog into your eHarmony account.Click on your profile picture in the top bar.Select “Account Settings”Click on “Billing”.Scroll down until you reach the “Subscription Status” section.Click on “Cancel My Subscription”.Follow the instructions.

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