Question: Is Hollywood U ending?

That means the world to us. The next game update for Hollywood U will be its last, and weekly quests will no longer be released but the spirit of Hollywood U continues to burn bright.

What is the last quest in Hollywood U?

Curtain Call Curtain Call is the main story quest for Level 56. It is also the final main story quest.

When was Hollywood U released?

12/11/2014 AboutSupport URL:Pixelberry Studios SupportCountry Release Date:12/11/2014Worldwide Release Date:12/11/2014Most Popular Country:USLast Updated:04/21/20177 more rows

How do you get a fairy tale girl on Hollywood U?

Fairy Tales can only be placed in the Fashionista Dorm, Movie Star Dorm, Director Dorm, or Pop Star Dorm.

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