Question: Is Ashley in ME2?

Ashley Romance in Mass Effect 2 Explained Due to Shepard working with Cerberus and Ashley working for the Alliance, unfortunately the player will only have one face-to-face interaction with her in Mass Effect 2, which is the end of the Horizon Mission.

Is Ashley Williams in ME2?

If Ashley is saved, she will make a cameo appearance in Mass Effect 2, followed by a more substantive appearance in Mass Effect 3 as a potential member of Shepards squad. Ashley is voiced by American voice actress Kimberly Brooks.

How do you unlock Ashley re4?

When aiming, be sure that you target the very ends of the belts—if you shoot the belts in the middle, youll hit Ashley as well. Once youve freed Ashley, a number of not-zombies will slowly march towards her. Equip your rifle and take aim at them before they get to her.

How do you beat Ashley puzzle in re4?

0:241:15Resident evil 4: easy ashley puzzle - YouTubeYouTube

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