Question: How do I use old Astro A40 on PC?

How do I switch my Astros A40 to PC mode?

To change between PC Mode and Console Mode, Press and Hold the Power Button for 3 seconds. The Power Button will also glow with a white or red ring to signify which mode youre currently in: PC Mode = White ring, Console Mode = Red ring.

How can I make my Astro a40 louder?

Right click the audio icon -> click recording devices -> click your microphone -> properties -> Levels -> adjust the level and boost to the level you want.

Why can I only hear from one side of my Astro A40?

Ensure your headset is securely plugged into the PC • Check to see if the voice application you are using is set to use the headset. Make sure volume on the media cable is turned up. setup the audio system correctly by using our setup guides. cable.

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