Question: Are there fake profiles on ChristianMingle?

Christianmingle is not a true dating site. Its a typical scam site, a giant and evil money-making machine with mostly fake profiles and catfishers.

Does ChristianMingle get hacked?

The San Diego woman has come forward to say Sean Banks, the man convicted of raping woman he met online, terrorized her after hacking into her information online. To her, he was Rylan, a man with similar morals, values and beliefs who she met through the online dating website

Is ChristianMingle reliable?

Although matches arent guaranteed, Christian Mingle is consistently reviewed as a high-quality dating site for Christian singles. And with more than 15 million users, Christian Mingle gives you a larger pool to choose from than many other dating sites.

Is ChristianMingle a safe dating site?

ChristianMingle is a safe, fun, and efficient place to make a date, and thats reason enough for single women to jump on board. Plus, its free to create an account and send likes to people who share your interests.

How do you tell if youre talking to a scammer?

Heres how to tell if someone is scamming you online.His profile is vague. Start with what is stated on the dating site. He loves you, sight unseen. Its too much, too fast. He wants to take the conversation offline. He avoids questions. He keeps playing phone games. He can never seem to meet. He flaunts his income.More items •6 Mar 2021

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