Question: Does tinder work on a cruise?

Yes, Tinder does work on a cruise ship, but as with any location-based app it may not be accurate – after all, the cruise ship is moving from port to port. If a person remains close-by even out in the middle of the ocean, or every time you dock in a new port, its safe to assume theyre on board the ship.

What apps can you use on a cruise?

9 of the Best Cruise Apps to Download NowCruise Ship Mate. Regal Princess/Oyster. Cruise Line Specific Apps. Celebrity Equinox/Oyster. Fishes: Greater Caribbean. SNORKELINGDIVES.COM/Flickr. Wi-Fi Finder. Norwegian Gem/Oyster. Cruise Critic Forums. Carnival Sunshine/Oyster. Cruise Picker. Carnival Sunshine/Oyster. TripIt. Ripple.More items •Sep 12, 2018

Can you text while on a cruise?

Its possible to send and receive text messages at sea, as long as you have a signal through your ships roaming network. On the flip side, you have no control over incoming text messages, so if you receive any while you are using your phone via the ships signal, you will be charged.

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