Question: What are the Top Country Songs of 2021?

Top 100 Country Songs (2021) ChartWalker Hayes Fancy Like. Carly Pearce Never Wanted To Be That Girl. Jason Aldean If I Didnt Love You. Jordan Davis Buy Dirt.Kaleb Austin Turn The Night On. Ryan Hurd Chasing After You.Warren Zeiders Ride The Lightning. Coffey Anderson Mr Red White And Blue.More items

What are the top 10 country songs of 2021?

Here Are The Top 40 Country Songs For September 2021“Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes. “Forever After All” by Luke Combs. “Waves” by Luke Bryan. “Things A Man Oughta Know” by Lainey Wilson. “Chasing After You” by Ryan Hurd with Maren Morris. “Glad You Exist” by Dan + Shay. “We Didnt Have Much” by Justin Moore.More items •3 Sep 2021

What is the number one country song of 2021?

Chart historyIssue dateHot Country SongsTitleArtist(s)July 10Forever After AllLuke CombsJuly 17Am I the Only OneAaron LewisJuly 24Fancy LikeWalker Hayes35 more rows

What is the most played song of 2021?

Official Top 40 biggest songs of 2021 so farTITLEPEAK1DRIVERS LICENSE12WELLERMAN13THE BUSINESS34MONTERO (CALL ME BY YOUR NAME)136 more rows•7 Jul 2021

What is the top 20 country songs this week?

The 50 biggest Country hits this week.Waves. Luke Bryan•Born Here Live Here Die Here. Things A Man Oughta Know. Lainey Wilson•Sayin What Im Thinkin We Didnt Have Much. Justin Moore•Big Machine: Big Songs Of 2020. Country Again. You Time. Cold Beer Calling My Name. Memory I Dont Mess With. Glad You Exist.More items

What are the top 20 songs of 2021?

Solar Power — Lorde. LordeVEVO. Kiss Me More — Doja Cat, ft. SZA. “Its Alright (Babys Coming Back)” — Blinker the Star. Blinker the Star - Topic. Butter — BTS. “Atlantic” — The Weather Station. VBS — Lucy Dacus. “Dont Judge Me” — FKA twigs, Headie One, Fred Again. “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” — Lil Nas X.More items •Jul 14, 2021

Who is the most famous country singer 2021?

Top Country Artists (2021)Morgan Wallen. 7 months ago.Luke Combs. 1 week ago. new.3 weeks ago. new.6 days ago. new.Chris Stapleton. 1 month ago.1 month ago.Carrie Underwood. 1 week ago. new.Florida Georgia Line. 6 months ago.More items

Who is the best singer of 2021?

Top 10 Best Singers In The World That You Should Watch Out For In 2021#1: Dua Lipa. Dua Lipa is a 25-year-old British singer cum model. #2: Lady Gaga. #3: Taylor Swift. #4: Shawn Mendes. #5: Selena Gomez. #6: Beyonce Knowles. #7: The Weeknd. #10: Demi Lovato.Mar 15, 2021

Who has sold the most songs ever?

The Beatles Second is Elvis Presley with almost 207 million sales, followed by Michael Jackson with 169.7 million .Top-selling artists worldwide from 1954 to 2016, based on certified sales (in millions)CharacteristicUnits sales in millionsThe Beatles257.7Elvis Presley206.811 more rows•Sep 6, 2016

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