Question: Why you should marry an engineer?

Why you should date an engineer?

Once you understand them, you realize that dating an engineer has many amazing advantages.Engineers Are Organized. Engineers Can Handle High-Pressure Situations. Engineers Are Fast Leaners. Engineers Are Good Teachers. Engineers Are Ready For Commitment. Engineers Are Creative. Engineers Know How to Make Plans.More items •Apr 5, 2020

How does an engineer think?

Engineers use a unique mode of thinking based on seeing everything as a system. They see structures that arent apparent to the layperson, they know how to design under constraints, and they understand trade-offs. Adopting an engineering mindset can help you in any field.

Do girls like to date engineers?

Almost 50% women voted for mechanical engineers to be the most attractive husbands among other engineers. So mechanical engineers are most favourite among girls as a husband. They find them more trustworthy, intelligent, and creative.

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