Question: Does it matter how you hook up speaker wires?

Speaker wire is made of two separate cables that need to be connected to the positive and negative connectors on the amplifier and speaker. It doesnt matter which way round you connect the wires – even if the wire is marked with a plus and minus.

Does it matter if you hook up speaker wires wrong?

If both speakers are wired the same, whether in the correct polarity or reversed polarity, there will be virtually no effect. Any changes in polarity are almost always made in an audio console or amplifier DSP, rather than in the wiring of speaker terminals.

What is the best way to connect speaker wire?

0:243:09How to Connect Speaker Wire to Speakers and Banana PlugsYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe cap until you can see a hole running from one side of the post to the other insert. The wireMoreThe cap until you can see a hole running from one side of the post to the other insert. The wire through this hole and tighten the cap.

Can speaker wires be run together?

There are a couple of ways to splice speaker wires. One way is to twist speaker wires together and use electrical tape. But tape wears out over time, and the smallest tug on the wires can easily separate the connection. The better option is an in-line electrical crimp connector (also known as butt connector).

Is Thicker wire better for speakers?

A lower-gauge number indicates a thicker wire, while a higher-gauge number indicates a thinner wire. Speaker wires with lower-gauge numbers are better at carrying an amplified audio signal. However, for longer speaker wire runs (to another room, for example), it is better to use a thicker, lower-gauge wire.

How do you know positive and negative on speaker wire?

Colour-coding: Speaker wires are often colour-coded, which will help you remember which one is positive and which one is negative. The most common colour coding is red and black, where red is positive and black is negative.

What happens if I reverse speaker wires?

Reversing speaker wire polarity is a common audio error. This action is known as making the speaker out of phase, and results in audio oddities. Although this is not dangerous to a speaker or amplifier, proper power delivery and speaker response is not possible with reversed speaker wires.

Why does my speaker wire have 4 wires?

So, why do speakers have 4 terminals? Speakers have 4 terminals to allow for bi-wiring connections. Speakers with 4 terminals offer split connections, which creates two sections. Compared to speakers that have 2 terminals, the varieties that have 4 are capable of bi-wiring.

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