Question: What do vampires smell like?

Heres my guess: I think that vampires smell like a mixture of bleach and pancakes, pancakes drenched in syrup that have been sitting out for days or maybe weeks. Or maybe just syrup thats severely pasted its expiration date. That mixed with the stinging smell of bleach would definitely burn a werewolfs nose.

Do vampires have body odor?

Vampires can smell human blood and the scent is so attractive to them, they have to resist the urge not to bite a human on the spot!

Do vampires smell like lavender?

Dracula had a one word description of his sillage; Bram Stoker wrote he smelled “nauseating”. To see how far we have come Stephanie Meyer describes the vampire from Twilight, Edward Cullen as smelling like, “lavender, freesia, and sunshine”.

What do the Cullens smell like?

Inspired by the book Twilight and specifically Edward Cullen, the author of Twilight Stephanie Myer describes Edward as smelling like a mixture of sunshine, lilac and honey.

Can vampires hear from far?

Non-Original Vampires Vampires have senses that exceed humans and werewolves in human form. They can hear things from great distances. They can also hear things such as heartbeats to tell if someone is lying such as when Elijah did so to Elena. They can also see in the dark to a much greater degree than humans can.

How far can vampires see?

They have quite acute sense when it comes to noticing even tiny drops of blood, which is related to the blood potency: they could still see it in the total darkness (how far depends on their blood potency - on 1 they can see as far as arms lenght, on 3 as far as room etc).

What are the signs of turning into a vampire?

Spotting a vampire According to vampire folklore, vampires display some tell-tale physical signs of their affliction: pale skin, an absence of a reflection in mirrors, fangs and red glowing eyes. These attributes are commonly assigned to the blood-sucking undead in popular culture.

What scents do vampires hate?

One of the best ways to repel vampires is with garlic, otherwise known as the stinking rose. Vampires simply hate the traditional recipe veggie and can be driven away by the pungent smell. If you can stand it, wear garland around your neck, keep several bulbs in your pockets or simply rub your body with garlic juice.

Does period blood affect vampires?

In conclusion, vampires arent at all attracted to periods; most of periods are not blood, and whatever blood there is, is unappetizing to vampires.

Can vampires see in dark?

Everything is much sharper, and more defined as a vampire, and their vision is unhindered by darkness. Their sense of sight exceeds by far that of a hawk. They can see objects in microscopic detail, and can see into the invisible spectrum of light. Vampires also have much better depth perception than humans.

Can vampires see their reflection?

According to the mythos, vampires are unable to see their reflection in mirrors, and, surprisingly, the reason why is because of how mirrors used to be constructed. That simple layer of silver is what kept vampires from being able to see their faces in a mirror in the time of Bram Stokers Dracula.

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