Question: How do you meet people for outdoor activities?

How do you meet people to go to adventures? is a great website for getting into different activities, and not just outdoor ones. After going to my first meetup event, a short hike, I instantly started connecting with people and making outdoorsy friends. Many of them are still my friends years later.

How do I get more adventurous friends?

Just use these 6 tips to find, connect with, and keep an adventure buddy.Check out for outdoor-based groups in your area. If you join a MeetUp, dont be shy! Chat up fellow adventurers on your solo excursions. Get (or borrow) a dog. Join a rock climbing gym. Dont forget to keep in touch.4 Feb 2019

How do I find camping friends?

Here are a few of our tips for making friends at the campground.Be Outside of Your RV at the Campground. Ask Your Neighbors About Their Rigs, Tools, or Gear. Ask Where People Have Been. Children and Pets are Great Ways to Meet People. Use Social Media to Find Other Campers and RVers.More items •Mar 16, 2020

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