Question: How can you tell who is online on OkCupid?

If you mouse-over the green outlined circle, it will show you when the user was last online. If theyve been active that day it will show you the time they were last active, any time prior that todays day, it will give you a simple date they were last active.

How do I appear offline on OkCupid?

On the app, tap the gear icon at the top of your profile page, then tap Privacy.Hide Your Real Name & Email. By default. Hide Your Profile from The Public. Hide or Block Specific Users. Block Your Profile From Google. Browse Profiles Anonymously. Hide Your A-List or Incognito Status.Jul 11, 2017

Can you see who you passed on OkCupid?

You wont see anyone youve passed on within 30 days. If theres somebody youd prefer not to ever see again on OkCupid, you can block/ unmatch with them.

How is attractiveness determined on OkCupid?

OKCupid uses its ranking system to choose which prospective matches it will display on your page. The people who are rated high see more pictures of people who are also rated high. And the people who are ranted low see more pictures of people who are also rated low.

Can you undo a pass on OkCupid?

You can reset your passes in your privacy settings and they will come back!

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