Question: What does AirPort Express actually do?

What does the Apple AirPort Express do? The AirPort Express lets you create a wireless Internet access point anywhere you need a fast, dependable connection. It also allows you to stream multimedia to various devices and extends the range of an existing wireless network.

What does an AirPort Express do?

An AirPort Express is used to extend a Wi-Fi network to a larger area, or can be used to stream audio using AirPlay. A Time Capsule is a combination of an AirPort Extreme and an external hard drive, and comes in 2 TB or 3 TB. It automatically backs up all Macs on your network.

Is the AirPort Express worth it?

The Airport express is a great buy for streaming and works absolutely well. You can buy it on Ebay for cheap price.

Can an AirPort Express be used as a router?

If you plan on using AirPort Express as a router, plug the device into an AC outlet; then, using an Ethernet cable, connect the AirPort Express to your cable modem or DSL. Connect it to your cable modem or DSL, and use it as a wireless 802.11n router.

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