Question: How does Chromecast work with a stereo projector?

Using Chromecast With a Projector: Its easy Plug the power adaptor into the wall. Connect the power adaptor to the Chromecast. Make sure your projector is set up to the proper input, the HDMI port your Chromecast is connect to will be the one you need to set the projector to. Now you can set up Chromecast.

Can I connect chromecast to stereo?

This doesnt lend itself to connecting to all receivers, so may need to have a 1/8” connector to stereo RCA cables or an optical cable in order to connect the Chromecast Audio to your receiver.

How do I get sound from my projector to wireless speakers?

Most projectors dont come with wireless capability. A Bluetooth transmitter can allow any device to send its audio wirelessly (>>> Find top value Bluetooth transmitter on Amazon). Simply plug it into your projectors audio out port.

Can I connect Chromecast to set top box?

Chromecast needs to connect to an HDMI port, either on a TV or an AV receiver. The Chromecast then connects to your home wi-fi network, and pumps the video and audio signal from whatever is streaming directly into that HDMI port.

Can I connect Chromecast to DVD player?

Chromecast allows casting local files with the Google Cast browser extension, but DVDs are directly not supported. Thus to cast the disc, you first need to convert the DVD to formats supported by the device.

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