Question: Is American Born Chinese funny?

What is the message of American Born Chinese?

American Born Chinese, by Gene Yeng, is a graphic novel that grapples with themes, or main ideas, of friendship, identity, and personal transformation by weaving together three stories.

What kind of story is American born Chinese?

Graphic novel American Born ChineseCover art of the first editionAuthorGene Luen YangLanguageEnglishGenreGraphic novelPublisherFirst Second Books6 more rows

Is American Born Chinese an allegory?

Gene Luen Yangs American Born Chinese is the first of its kind. A graphic novel that that reads with the humor of a comic book, it has a rich storyline that combines a well-known Chinese allegory with the simple reality of a boy living in a multiracial American society.

What age is American born Chinese for?

Product DetailsISBN-13:9781250811899Pages:240Sales rank:4,642Product dimensions:6.10(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)Age Range:12 - 18 Years2 more rows

What is the first part of American Born Chinese?

The story features many Chinese stereotypes and insults prevalent in America throughout the twentieth century. The first plot is about the monkey king who is insulted by other rulers and decides to prove that hes better than they think. He practices kung fu, increases his abilities, and then shows off his skills.

What does Chin Kee symbolize in American Born Chinese?

Because Chin-Kee represents all the ridiculous stereotypes that haunt Chinese Americans, he also reflects back to the reading audience the racist nature of American popular culture.

What kinds of challenges does Jin face as the child of Chinese immigrants?

In Jin Wangs story, he struggles with his peers misunderstanding and having prejudices against his Chinese-American heritage until he befriends Wei-Chen Sun, a Taiwanese immigrant who understands what hes going through.

What does the Monkey King want?

The Monkey Kings Story He knows his kung-fu and has mastered all the prereqs he needs to become immortal. But the Monkey King wants more. He wants to become a god and hang out with all the other gods and goddesses, only they dont want him because he is, after all, a monkey.

What language does Wei Chen speak in American Born Chinese?

Wei-Chen speaks in a Chinese-cadenced English, and, in moments of tension, Mandarin (indicated by less than and more than parentheses). His first question to Jin in English is you– you- Chinese person? (Yang; 2006, 37). Later, as his English fluency improves, Wei-Chen confuses verb tenses and omits articles.

How does the Monkey King free himself?

Tsao needed disciples for a mission and he chooses for his first disciple to be the monkey king. After some convincing, Tsao was able to motivate the monkey king to return to his monkey form in order to free himself from the rocks, as it was the only way to get out.

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