Question: What happened to hanging with friends?

Hanging with Friends is a defunct multi-player word game developed by Zynga with Friends (formerly Newtoy, Inc.), which also developed Words with Friends. On 19 February 2018 the game announced it would be retired on 26 March 2018.

What happened to Words With Friends 2?

Words With Friends 2 Release Date Youre still taking turns with words on a board, and the game still has ads, but no one has to update. Fans can continue enjoying the original, or try their luck with the latest release. Its a sequel and an update, but one you dont have to make if you dont want to.

What happened to the weekly challenge on Words With Friends?

You will no longer receive Weekly Challenge related notifications and messaging, but will also no longer be able to earn badges. You can always opt back into Weekly Challenges by turning off this setting option. We love hearing from players.

Is Words With Friends 2 the same as Words With Friends?

These are Words With Friends, Words With Friends Classic, Words With Friends 2, and Words With Friends on Facebook. Even though the three apps are titled differently, they are almost all identical to each other. They all have the same layout and ways to navigate the game.

What is the newest version of Words With Friends?

Words With Friends 2 is the best combination of new and old. The sequel to the worlds most popular mobile word game is here, and it has more ways to flex your strategy and vocabulary skills than ever before.

What happened to badges in Words With Friends?

To view all your badges and see which new ones can be earned, go to your profile and tap on Recent Badges. There it will show a list of badges and the date each was earned.

What is a daily goal in Words With Friends?

Daily Goals are personalized challenges to tackle every day. Players are presented with 3 challenges to complete before the end of the day from playing a JQXZ word to matching with someone new. Each challenge is unique and will adjust to the players skill level.

Is Je A Word on Words With Friends?

New Additions to the Words With Friends 2 Letter Words List: BU, EE, EO, FU, IO, JA, JE, OO, OU, PO, TE, VU, YI. Well, those two words and 12 others are now playable.

How do you earn badges on Words With Friends?

Badges can be earned by completing the Weekly Challenge, Solo Challenge, and Events! Tap on Recent Badges to view all of your previous Badges earned! You can also view the Weekly Challenge here!

How do I use badges in Words With Friends?

As you play Draw Something normally, draw the words used in a Badge, then you get the Badge and a nice coin reward! You need to draw the special words required to earn a specific badge.

How do I spend coins in Words With Friends?

Coins can also be used to skip the timer on Solo Challenges to go straight into the next challenge after beating one. They can be bought from the store separately or from premium bundles that can also include tile styles and power-ups.

How do I turn off events in Words With Friends?

On Start swipe left to the Application list.Tap Settings > Notifications + actionsTap on the application you want to manage.Turn on/off Show in action centre

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