Question: Who are the founders of a dating site?

What is tinders net worth?

In July 2015, Bank of America Merrill Lynch valued Tinder at $1.35 billion based upon an estimate of $27 per user on an estimated user base of 50 million with an additional bullish estimate of $3 billion by taking the average of the IPOs of similar companies.

Who is tinder owned by?

Match Group Match Group owns Tinder, OkCupid, and every other big online dating site in the US — except Bumble. Bumbles CEO, an ex-Tinder executive, sued Match Groups parent company for discrimination in 2014.

Who are Whitney Wolfe herd parents?

Michael Wolfe Kelly Wolfe Whitney Wolfe/Parents Wolfe Herd was born as Whitney Wolfe in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Michael Wolfe, a wealthy property developer, who was Jewish, and Kelly Wolfe, who was Catholic.

Who is Whitney Wolfe herds husband?

Michael Herdm. 2017 Whitney Wolfe/Husband

What happened to Neil Clark Warren?

Neil Clark Warren, the wise old matchmaker of eHarmony, is stepping down as CEO. The octogenarian psychologist who dispenses advice in eHarmony commercials is no longer chief executive officer, the company said on Tuesday.

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