Question: Where should table legs go?

For dining tables, position your legs 16-20” from the end of the table to allow for seating someone on the end. Mark all of your mounting holes with the legs in place. Remove legs and drill holes for threaded inserts. Install threaded inserts with a dab of glue for lubrication.

Where do table legs go?

They are installed directly into the underside of your furniture, allowing any leg with a 3/8” wide insert bolt to be installed. The legs can then be easily unscrewed for storage and transport.

How much overhang should a table top have?

Table top overhangs of 2 to 4 inches are quite standard, and give a proportional look to the table. However, some people prefer the look of a shorter overhang. There is no right or wrong in most cases–just make sure you are comfortable with the overhang amount that you choose.

How far in should table legs be from edge?

2 inches Step 1: Determine where youd like to mount the table legs and mark your position. The ideal distance from the edge of the table is 2 inches. Keep all four corners consistent to ensure a sturdy mount. Step 2: Mount your top plate to the underside of your table top using appropriate screws for your surface.

How much leg room do you need under a table?

Provide about 24 of leg room below the table (height from floor to bottom of table rail) and at least 12 for knee clearance (projection of table top beyond table leg). In figuring seating capacity, allow at least 24 of elbow room width per person and 12 to 15 depth from the edge of the table.

How long should table legs be?

Normally somewhere between 26” and 29” tall, desk height table legs paired with a 1″ or 1-1/2″ thick top should put your finished tabletop surface between 27″ and 30″ tall. These legs are ideal for any desk or table where the user is seated in a standard chair.

How far in should a table apron be?

My old rule of thumb with typical dining or writing table dimensions was to put the bottom of the apron a minimum of 24 inches off the floor. If your top is, say, 1-1/4 in. thick, you could have a 5″ apron and still have 24″ to the floor for knees.

How wide do table legs need to be?

Most dining chairs are 16 - 20 wide and youll want several inches of space between the table leg and the first chair and between each of the chairs. Typically, the rule of 24 to 28 per person works, but if you have abnormally wide or narrow chairs you may need to adjust accordingly.

How far apart should table legs be?

58 between the table legs (72 - 14). Most dining chairs are 16 - 20 wide and youll want several inches of space between the table leg and the first chair and between each of the chairs.

How tall should end table legs be?

Choose your leg height. Determining the best leg height depends on what you are making. Coffee table legs are typically 16 to 18 tall, end stand legs are often 24 to 26 tall, desk or dining height legs are typically 28 to 29 tall, and kitchen, bath, and bar legs range from 36 to 42 tall.

How much weight can table legs support?

How much weight can a wood table hold? The maximum load capacity of the wood table is about 150 lbs. (68kg). The average amount of weight that we use to keep on a desk is only about 15 lbs.

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