Question: What does the Bible say about Iglesia ni Cristo?

They believe that the Iglesia ni Cristo is the fulfillment of the Bible verse, Isaiah 43:5, where east refers to the Philippines where the Church of Christ would be founded. INC teaches that its members constitute the elect of God and there is no salvation outside the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Do Iglesia ni Cristo believe in the Bible?

Iglesia Ni Cristo Church is a Christian religion whose primary purpose is to worship the Almighty God and adheres to His teachings as written in the Bible.

What happens when you leave Iglesia ni Cristo?

What happens when a member is expelled from the INC? When the expulsion decision is finalized, the members name is removed from the official INC roster. An INC source also told Rappler the names of those recently expelled are immediately announced during the following church service.

Is Janice de Belen a member of Iglesia ni Cristo?

Actress Janice de Belen is no longer a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), according to “Startalk” host Lolit Solis in a report. The 46-year-old-actress also has no cameo in “Felix Manalo”, the upcoming film bio of the INC founder and first executive minister.

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