Question: How do you pay for Lovoo?

Is Lovoo a paying site?

Lovoo Live is the newly released feature of Lovoo which allows users to host video streams and watch other members live streams for free. Lovoo Live can be used to earn money especially if your live videos are popular.

How does LOVOO work?

Here you are just one click from directly starting a conversation with them. Also, the Match game is another opportunity to connect. With the Match game you can rate other users in it. Lovoo will let that user know you are interested and they will have the option of looking at your profile.

How do I verify my Lovoo profile?

How to verify your profile:Open your profile (at the top right in the app).Click on “Verify Profile” under your profile picture (app) on the right-hand side of your profile picture.Then follow the instructions.More items

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