Question: What movies is Harley Quinn in?

What movies does Harley Quinn appear in?

Margot Robbie has portrayed Harley Quinn in three films over the past five years, with starring roles in 2016s Suicide Squad, 2020s Birds of Prey, and now James Gunns The Suicide Squad (out in theaters and on HBO Max Aug. 6).

What movie is The Joker and Harley Quinn in?

Suicide Squad In Suicide Squad, she was all about the Joker and had confidence he would prevent anything bad from happening to her. In Birds of Prey , the two break up and she is forced to navigate the world on her own, without the perks that came with being attached to him.

How many movies is Harley Quinn in?

That doesnt even take into account four Harley Quinn movies. To make things a little easier, heres a quick guide to each Harley Quinn movie we know about.

What was Harley Quinns first movie?

Suicide Squad Robbies Harley first appeared in Suicide Squad, but that film had the usual PG-13 rating for DCEU films.

Who was Jokers first love?

Harley QuinnPublisherDC ComicsFirst appearanceBatman: The Animated Series Jokers Favor (September 11, 1992)First comic appearanceThe Batman Adventures #12 (September 1993, non-canon) Batman: Harley Quinn #1 (October 1999, canon)Created byPaul Dini Bruce Timm8 more rows

What mental illness does Harley Quinn have?

Personality Disorder, specifically, Histrionic Personality Disorder plays a key part in Harley Quinns life. People with Histrionic Personality Disorder are “pervasive and excessive emotionally and display attention-seeking behavior” (Bornstein 1998).

Did Harley Quinn and Joker have a child?

Lucy Quinzel is the daughter of the Joker and Harley Quinn and the niece of Delia Quinzel.

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