Question: Which is better Shadi com or Bharat Matrimony? shows only 10 profiles per page, whereas you get a better view with 50 profiles per page on Both and are matrimonial sites. has better features and easy user interface. provides more security features.

Is BharatMatrimony good or bad?

This is a total scam, basically, recreates the same profiles that were originally posted on BharatMatrimony( Based on marital status and caste they auto post the same profiles in their Community websites and then charge additional fee to use those community websites.

Which is best app for marriage?

15 Best Free Matrimony Apps For Android & iOSBharatMatrimonyTelugu MatrimonyTamilMatrimonyKannadaMatrimonyBengaliMatrimonyJeevansathiKeralaMatrimonyCommunityMatrimonyDivorcee MatrimonyShaadiLife PartnerMuslim MatrimonyABPweddingsSangam.comM4marry

Is BharatMatrimony and matrimony com same?

BharatMatrimony is an online matrimony service and a part of It was founded in 1997 by Murugavel Janakiraman, who later met his wife through his own matrimony site. The company has 130 offices in India, with offices in Dubai, Sri Lanka, United States and Malaysia to cater to its customers beyond India.

Is Bharatmatrimony free? Need help in your partner search? You can choose to register either as a free member or as a paid member.

Who is owner of Bharat Matrimony? BharatMatrimony/Parent organizations

How can I chat in BharatMatrimony?

Login to with your Matrimony / Email id and password .To initiate chat with a member you have already added,In the Instant Messenger Window, under Online Members, double click on the Matrimony Id of the member you wish to chat with.A chat window will open up and you can start chatting.More items

How can I block my profile in BharatMatrimony?

Login to your account. In the My Home page, click on the Edit Profile link. In the Edit Profile section, under Profile Settings, click on the Deactivate Profile link to deactivate your profile.

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