Question: What is bumble hive?

#BumbleHiveNYC is a safe space where guests can expect complimentary entertainment, drinks and snacks, and interactive sessions with thought leaders and entrepreneurs. Come connect with peers and enjoy interactive programming ranging across topics including Health and Relationships, Technology, Education, and more!

What is the beehive on Bumble?

Here at Bumble, were all about empowering people to make a bold first impression. The Hive is rolling out SuperSwipe. Its a new feature that lets you tell a potential match youre confidently interested in them. Knowing what you want and going for it is anything but thirsty.

Is hive a dating app?

Formerly known as EastMeetEast, EME Hive is a unique mixed space for dating, live chat, and community building. Go live to date, meet new people around you, discover your Hive, or even meet your soulmate!

What does a new buzz in the hive mean?

New buzz in the hive just means there are more people that liked you, but you have not liked them yet. When you have a match the message will say you have new matches. When they message you, it will say something along the lines that they want to talk to you and you have unanswered conversations.

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