Question: How did Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony meet?

According to US Weekly, Lopez and Anthony first met while backstage at singer Paul Simons 1998 Broadway show The Capeman, which Anthony was starring in. The two reportedly briefly dated after Lopezs first marriage to actor Ojani Noa ended in 1998.

When did JLO and Marc Anthony first meet?

1998 Heres a timeline of their relationship. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony first met in 1998. They married in a small, secret ceremony in 2004, had twins in 2008, and separated in 2011. Their divorce was finalized in 2014 and Lopez said theyre still friends.

Did Marc Anthony and JLO date?

Lopez and Anthony, who were both born in New York City, of Puerto Rican descent, first dated in 1999, after her marriage to Noa ended. Anthony and Torres married in 2000, then split for good in late 2003, around the time that Lopez called off her engagement to Affleck. Lopez and Anthony divorced in 2012.

How old was JLO when she married Marc Anthony?

It took time and its a journey and its still a journey for me.” While she didnt name anyone directly, the timing would seem to indicate she is referring to her former marriage to Marc Anthony. She was 34 at the time of their July 2004 wedding.

Are Marc Anthony and JLO friends?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have always kept their friendship at the forefront of their relationship. Since their 2014 divorce, theyve remained in each others lives to co-parent their twins Emme and Max.

Are JLO and Ben Affleck dating again?

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck confirm theyre back together; a timeline of their relationship. Pop star-actor Jennifer Lopez has made her relationship with actor-director Ben Affleck Instagram official on her 52nd birthday celebration. The last of the four photos was of Lopez and Affleck, 48, sharing a kiss.

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