Question: Who is Dec married to?

Who are Ant & Dec married to?

Ali Astall is famously married to television presenter Declan Donnelly, 45, who is one half of popular presenter duo Ant and Dec. The pair wed in 2015, but have known each other for nearly two decades after meeting through work, and their once-professional relationship then blossomed into a romantic one.

Is Ant from Ant and Dec married?

Lisa Armstrongm. 2006–2018 Ant McPartlin/Spouse

Did Ant McPartlin get married today?

TV star Ant McPartlin has married Anne-Marie Corbett in a ceremony held in a church in Hampshire. The Saturday Night Takeaway star exchanged vows in front of celebrity guests including Dermot OLeary, Cat Deeley and David Walliams, and had his longtime presenting partner Declan Donnelly by his side as best man.

Has Ant or Dec got a child?

Dec became a dad in 2018. The entertainer and one part of dynamic duo Ant & Dec welcomed a baby girl on September 1st, 2018. As of January 2021, this makes his daughter two years old.

How long has Ant been with Anne-Marie?

After three years of dating, Ant and Anne-Marie will walk down the aisle together this weekend. Sharing details of the nuptials, a source told the Mail on Sunday: “A grand stately home-turned-hotel in Hampshire will host a star-studded reception for Ant and his fiancee Anne-Marie Corbett on August 6 and 7. “

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