Question: What happens when you flirt with a waitress?

How do you respectfully hit on a waitress?

Be polite.Say please and thank you. A waitress is serving you, but she is still a person and should be treated like it. Dont call her sweetheart or any other “pet name.” It is condescending. Also, dont stare at her. Avoid complaining about the restaurant. You might try empathizing with her, though.

Do men find waitresses attractive?

In a follow-up experiment of 603 people, men shown pictures of an attractive waitress at a restaurant, and then the menu, rated their expected dining experience more highly than if the waitress was unattractive. The attractiveness of the waiters had no impact on womens expectations of their meal.

Does Appearance Affect tips?

Studies show that a waitress physical appearance affects tips, while customers dont really care how their waiter looks, so long as hes presentable. Believe it or not, a study revealed waitresses tips increase as much as 17 percent from this little trick.

How can I make my server more efficient?

7 Server Etiquette Tips to Getting More TipsIntroduce Yourself to Every Guest (and Write Thank You on Every Check) Learn How to Upsell. Always Tell Your Guests the Specials. Handle Campers with Care. Leave A Token of Appreciation. Ask Your Manager for Consistent Feedback. Seek Out Hospitality Skills Training Opportunities.

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